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Bright Morning Star Ministries (BMSM) embodies several ministries committed to kingdom living. It supports individuals and congregations in their efforts to find their place in kingdom building. Initially, the congregational support will begin through the teaching of several classes; a New Believer's Bible Study, Evangelism Forum and finally Understanding and Knowing Your Spiritual Gifts. This will be introduced on a basic level and will then need further support, nurturing, teaching and implementation by the leaders of that congregation. In our efforts, we pray to…"be made all things to all men, that we might by all means save some." I Corinthians 9:1-27 KJV

Hereto, BMSM offers individual and group spiritual guidance and prayer; through study of the Word of God and counseling, wherever necessary for the members of the body of Christ to aide in their walk toward excellence. This ministry does not assume any professional psychiatric position within this scope but will offer supportive short-term counseling and whenever necessary, will refer clients to the appropriate professionals for help.

Finally, BMSM Woman To Woman Ministries seeks to lead conference series that will offer support to the spiritual needs of women who are ready to meet God at their greatest need and willing to allow themselves to be transformed into the image of Christ through knowledge of the Word. They will build self-image through Godly principles, which aid in bridging the gap from the natural living to the spiritual walking out of their salvation.

Note: All Contributions go to the support of Bright Morning Star Ministries

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